Guided dives

Curaçao has a lot of stunning dive sites to offer and most of them are accessible from shore. Dive plans can be made according to your preferences. And don`t worry if you don’t know where to go, we will make sure you have a wonderful dive.

Dive sites on Curaçao. This is a small selection of dive sites we offer to certified divers.


Named after the wreck of a tugboat, this dive site offers a lot of special features. In addition to a dive over an extensive coral garden towards Directors bay, a dive to the nearby dock for sea ships is also an option. Between the long, beautifully overgrown jetty posts, where many seahorses find their home, the sun often creates spectacular light effects. Both dives end shallow with the tug wreck that has lost much of its glory, but because of this it offers beautiful views with beautiful photo opportunities.

Barbara Beach

Named for the opposite beach, this dive site offers a wonderful opportunity for a long, shallow dive along vast fields of Elkhorn coral. In addition to countless types of fish, various types of sea turtles also find their home among the many large fan coral. An encounter with a harmless nurse shark is no rarity here. This dive site also offers the opportunity to make a drift dive to Directors Bay further away.

Sandy’s platteau

Viewed from land Sandy`s Plateau is at the right of the Jan Thiel bay. The plateau is abundantly covered with beautiful soft and hard coral, between which a sleeping nurse shark has been found several times. In the well of the bay is a small sailing boat sunk called “de Strea”. It is nicely overgrown and many fish find shelter here.

Marie Pampoen

The beach of the fishing harbor of Marie Pompoen offers access to one of the most beautiful dive sites on Curaçao. You eventually reach a large field of demolition waste over a vast soft and hard coral field. Various stories are circulating about its origin. Most likely, all sorts of construction and industrial waste were dumped here in the 1960s, when the word environmental awareness was yet to be invented. Be surprised by the spectacularly overgrown remains of cars, boats, old machines, piles and iron beams. Here, too, stingrays can often be found on the sand spots. Marie pampoen is also one of the few dive sites on Curaçao in certain seasons to enjoy spectacular “bait-balls” of masbangus, a small species of fish.

Small Harbor

Just behind the water factory, in a small friendly fishing community, a narrow path gives access to the sea. After the water inlet of the desalination plant, you descend to a wall with a lot of soft coral.

Vaersenbaai(kokomo beach)

Vaerssenbay is now called Kokomo beach after the beach pavilion at this place. This popular tourist destination has a healthy reef with excellent diving opportunities. There is also a fair chance of seeing seahorses and stingrays. Diving along the hilly descending reef you will see the wreck of a large pontoon that was used in the earlier days to dump car wrecks. With careful dive planning, it is possible to see the barely recognizable remnants of end-of-life vehicles, the “carpile”, from a depth of eighteen meters. At approximately thirty-three meters you can see the almost intact wreck of a fifties pick-up truck. With good visibility, the wreck of a tugboat is visible at a depth of about fifty-five meters.

Cas abou

This popular, well-visited location competes with Porto Marie for the title of the most beautiful beach on the island. The expansive snow-white sandy beach provides easy access to the crystal clear waters with its abundant marine life.

Playa Piskado

Playa Piskado, also known as Playa Grandi, is a popular fishing beach. Several times a day, large numbers of sea turtles swim around the jetty to feed on fish waste. The turtles are used to the proximity of divers and snorkelers and this offers excellent photo opportunities. The colorful reef is healthy and just like Marie Pompoen, there is also a good chance that you will encounter “bait-balls” masbangus.

Playa Jeremy

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Playa Largu

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San Juan

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Director’s bay

Located on a former Shell site, you reach the coral stone beach of Directorsbay via a stone staircase. After a spectacular descent between two rock walls, this dive site offers
various diving options. Diving along steep, beautifully overgrown rock walls, this dive site offers inspiring views. The larger sand spots are excellent foraging spots for various types of stingrays. Seahorses take refuge among the remains of what was once an expansive swimming cage made for Shell personnel. This dive site also offers the opportunity to make a drift dive to the nearby Tugboat.

Divers Leap

Seen from land, Divers Leap is located to the left of the entrance to the Jan Thiel bay. The beautifully overgrown wall of this dive site extends to the entrance of the Caracas Bay.

Mambo Beach

In front of the beach of Mambo Beach, behind the breakwater, you will find the dive site Oswaldo`s Drop off. Here you will find an extensive “coral nursery” where young staghorn and elkhorn corals, in particular, grow up and are planted out.

Superior Producer

Just outside St Anna Bay, the harbor entrance, the wreck of the “Superior Producer” lies at a depth of thirty meters. Sunk in 1977, the wreck is close to the two cruise-ship terminals, perfectly upright. Now beautifully covered, it offers shelter for countless fish species, including baracudas and large schools of tarpons. Macro enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth here. The “Superior” is one of the most popular wrecks in Curaçao. With its wide open cargo space and easily accessible wheelhouse, the “Superior” is one of the world’s top ten wrecks to dive. The wreck is located one hundred and fifty meters from the coast but is only accessible to experienced divers and on days when port authorities allow it.

Snake bay

Hidden between some holiday apartments is near the village of Boca Sami, the beach of Snake Bay, so called because of the large number of moray eels that used to exist. Snake bay has a healthy, sloping hilly reef.

Porto Marie

Porto Marie is an elongated popular tourist beach with excellent facilities. It`s expansive double reef is easily accessible and with its exuberant marine life offers great opportunities to plan various dives.

Playa Lagun

Located between two ascending rock walls is the very popular beach of Lagun with the locals. Just off the coast is a healthy reef with an exuberant underwater life. Sea turtles are regularly spotted on the waterline at this location.

Playa Kalki

Playa Kalki, also known as Alice in Wonderland, is located on the extreme west point of Curaçao. A steep staircase provides access to a coral beach, where you can take a swim to the sloping reef. The water is rich in fish and a striking number of slugs find their home in the shallow area.

Playa Kleine Knip

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Single Dive

$80,- or Naf140,-
/ per dive

Includes all dive gear needed.

Dive Day, 2x

$130,- or Naf225,-
/ for 2 dives

Includes all dive gear needed.