PADI Rescue Diver

Many divers consider the PADI Rescue Diver-course to be a challenging yet rewarding experience. They learn how to prevent problems that might occur during a dive, they gain confidence in their own diving skills and buddy performance and are better equipped to help other divers when in need of assistance.

Duration: 4 days (included EFR).

During the PADI Rescue Diver course you will practice problem solving skills until they become second nature. It’s a pretty serious course but it also offers a lot of fun.

Who can participate?

PADI (Junior) Adventure Open Water Divers with a minimum age of 12 that also have mastered the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive are allowed to participate in the Rescue Diver-course.
Every participant has to have successfully mastered the Emergency First Response Primaire en Secundaire Care- course, previous to participation.
There is also the possibility to master these Emergency First Response courses while participating in the Rescue Diver course. Additionally your PADI instructor can enroll you in the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider-course.

What you’ll learn

The PADI Rescue Diver-course prepares you how to handle serious and also less serious dive emergencies. Class sessions and rescue drills teach you what to look for and how to respond. During rescue scenarios you will apply knowledge and skills

You will learn self rescue skills, how to recognize divers stress and how to handle it. You will learn how to deal with an emergency and emergency equipment. You will learn how to rescue a panicked or unconscious diver.

You’ll use your basic dive equipment and a pocket mask for surface resuscitation. During the skill sessions you will use an oxygen system, floating devices, surface marker buoys and possibly rescue doll Anny.

Your PADI instructor will survey the equipment you will be needing and possibly advice you to purchase additional dive gear.

PADI Rescue Diver course
or 790,-naf
PADI Rescue Diver course + EFR
or 990,- naf

Ready to dive in?

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